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Thread: Whats the Complete Deal with a Advance album?

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    Let me start off with saying, I am sorry if this topic has been brought up before but i searched and also saw 189 different pages. Anyways my question is pretty much deals with has anyone ever experience a difference between a advance album and a retail album and of course not speaking of a order change in the tracks but more in the details of the albums. Is it better to download the retail after you already have a advance copy? Also just in case i go to a lot of concerts and buy tshirts and albums sold at the concerts to support the bands.

    Thank you for the knowledge.
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    I've downloaded a lot of zero-day or advance releases in the last few years, and by and large, they've been consistent with the retail version. Sometimes yes, track orders get changed, and sometimes a song or two will be removed, replaced, or added prior to its official release...but yeah. Generally the only difference in advance releases are that they are sometimes not the quality you might get if you waited for a proper rip of the retail version, but this is by no means always true. Generally, if I get an advance version, and I like it, i'll search for a new rip once the album is actually relased to the GP.

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