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Thread: Truveo enters video search field

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    A California start-up is set to launch a beta of a new video search engine on Wednesday that looks for content by analyzing visual characteristics of a Web page rather than just text.

    Truveo claims its Visual Crawler technology produces more comprehensive and more up-to-date video search results than competitors.

    "Other video search engines look for text within Web pages, but many sites don't have text associated with video," said Tim Tuttle, co-founder and chief executive of Burlingame, Calif.-based Truveo. "Many (videos) are script-generated, use plug-ins or are assembled by files executed in the background by the browser and which regular (video) crawlers" can not always detect.

    The company has been crawling the Web for video for about two months and has indexed more content than rival services, Tuttle said. He declined to say how many content sources are in its index.

    The Web site lets users compare results for specific searches from Yahoo and Google. For example, a search on "John Roberts" on Truveo located 274 results, with video at the top from the Supreme Court nominee's confirmation hearings on sites including The New York Times, Yahoo News and others.

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    here's a link:

    Seems to work pretty good, i'll give it a better test later when I think of something to look for.


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