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Thread: Wireless Network

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    i need help with wireless networking, here is the problem... i get good quality signal when i use my laptop in the same room where the access point is but when i go into the next room everything changes i mean quality goes from excellent to low... which should not happen cos the next room isnt very far away!!! i dont know what the problem is but i am told that i need to change some sort of channel which i have no clue about also i tried netstumbler which was useless. could someone help or guide me to the right direction so i can sort this matter ASAP!!!


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    It's normal to get worse quality behind a wall, especially if it is a thick one. Changing the channel might work so... there are 12 different channels (different ranges of frequencies) and you should be able to change them in the program that manages your wifi network (the firmware of the router). I suppose you have a router or access point that creates the network. You should be able to change different types of settings on it like the channel, the name of the network, the password (it's very important to have one on wifi networks), etc.

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    A cordless telephone, operating at extremely high speeds and utilizing the same channels, could possibly interfere with your signal's strength. Use the default channel your router was set to when you first set it up.

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    Both the channel on the router and on your computers must match otherwise you'll lose the connection.
    Changing the channel in the router depends on which router you've got, but basically log in to your router:
    in internet explorer you probably type
    when the box pops up you should enter your password (and username if necessary)))
    browse around a bit until you find the option to change channel (it should be the only place that channel is mentioned) and change the channel to whatever you feel like, I think the options are 1-12 in europe.

    On your computers, go to control panel -> network connections
    right click the wireless connection
    click properties
    click configure
    click advanced tab
    scroll down to find channel
    select the same channel as that you chose on the router

    Changing channel prob won't help if the problem is the thickness or composition of the wall (eg pipework/ metalwork)


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