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Thread: Won't Won't Play In Wmp Or Divx Player

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    Has that ever happened to you ? I got the movie Strangers on the Train and I can't watch it Windows Media player or Divx player or even on Power DVD player but plays just fine on Real player. Anyone know what might be the cause ?

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    You probably have a .rm file. Those can only play in Real Player. Otherwise, No, I've never heard of that. B)
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    unless it's a codec problem... it sounds to me like you have a .RM file that was mislabeled as something else (.AVI, .MPEG, or whatever it claims to be).

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    I know exactly what you mean!!! Back in the day before they had the PREVIEW player for .avi, .mpg and such files for Kazaa, I use to DL a coupld MB's of a movie or Clip, and than I would rename the .extension of the file from .dat to .avi or .mpg depending on what it was. Well low and behold, Windows Media Player and Divx Player would not play them...

    But sure as xhit, REAL Player ALWAYZ played the little bits I had DL'd. I am thinking that REaL Player just has more Codecs that iTs able to use or run. I was only able to view the FINISHED files in WMP, or DIVx Player.

    Honestly REAL PLAYER sucks. I dont like to use it, but if I want to know what a Movie is before Im done DLing it, and there is no other way, I just rename the .extension to what ever file it is, and than IT plays.

    also, if your getting skipping in your .avi file try using DIVXFIX.exe, it will help to sync it back together.

    But dont worry about the RealPlayer thang. Its just the way it is.


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