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Thread: R&b, Since When?

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    When I was a lad, R&B was Doctor Feelgood & Brinsley Schwarz!
    Since when did bloody Craig David & Liberty X hijack the term?
    Come to think of it, "Garage" music was MC5, The Standells, and The Count Five!
    Oxide & Neutrino?
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    I&#39;m with you, have no idea when it was decided that "Rhythmn and Blues" meant J-Lo and the rest of that bland crap. Rap and Bullshit&#33;&#33;
    As for "Garage", I&#39;m thinking you mean "UK Garage". That stole it&#39;s name from "Garage House", a vocal driven variety of "House" music that was played at legendary NY nightclub Paradise Garage. A few years ago "UK Garage" was known as "Speed Garage". Next year, who knows what it&#39;ll be called?? Personally I think a garage is where you park the car&#33;&#33;
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    Originally posted by zacspeed@14 April 2003 - 23:06
    Since when did bloody Craig David & Liberty X hijack the term?
    they didn&#39;t, their not R&B, their RnB which is diff, it stands for Rythmn and bass rather than rythmn and blues.... too many new damn genres, how da fook ya supposed to keep track of them all i&#39;ll never know

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