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Thread: Mini Disk Recording Software/hardware

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    I am posting here to ask if anyone knows the best way of recording Mp3's Onto Your Mini Disk.

    I have a LP4 Mini disk hence i can fit over 300Mins of music on one mini disk.
    I have an Audigy 2 Platinum ie with front panel and digital out.

    At the moment i have been using the software which comes with the audgiy 2 (mini disk centre). It allows you to have playlists with your mp3's in it and it Turns the ouput signal Off between tracks, hence the mini disk knows when to start a new track.

    Only problem is that i mostly use Winamp to compile my music (over 12,000 songs) as it allows you to search and organize your music and create playlists and mini disk centre dosent allow you to import lists. If I try and use winamp direct the mini disk recorder has problems pickin up the new track indication as winamp dosent Turn the output off ie to signal the end of the track/start of the new one, hence i can have tracks which have upwards of ten songs on it - which basically turn my mini-disk into a Glorafied tape player.

    Any suggestions would be helpful as it is drivin me mad having to find the songs manually by using mini disk centre as i havent got them in any real order.


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    I would have a look round and find out what software this new netmd technology uses.

    I bet it is just what you are after. Still It is designed to send the output to the usb port so it may not work.

    still worth a look

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    cheers, will have a look.



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