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Thread: Has anything changed? >dial history<

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    I have sent a pm to most of you who have posted in the drawing room with a link to the movie.
    I sincerely apologize if you found it a waste of your bandwidth . atleast it wasn't a fake porn file.... or maybe not...

    I saw this in a museum the other day - the brilliance of the sampling of 70s to 90s media files blows my mind due to its relevance to the hypocracy found in "freedom of the press".
    Apart from being very mtv generation dialoged hence entertaining to watch shows how the media is crucial for terrorism. The Sensational is essential. Ofcourse in the 70s the the "terrorists" where given identity - almost hero factor nowadays they are mere symbols.

    Has anything changed?

    it ironically uses the same form of argumentation found in the most politically heated debates found in threads in this forum, but mainly because it is extremly relevant to todays issues on terrorism.

    The film is called "Dial History" by Johan Grimonprez which was made in 1997 and amazingly foreshadows 9/11.
    It is a sampled documentary about hijacking, terrorism and its depiction through the media from the 1960's to the 90's in a funky mtv way.
    The style of how we portray terrorism may have changed yet has anything really changed?

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    Johan Grimonprez's work
    takes a close look at television's and generally the mass-media's
    perverse mechanisms and ways of functioning, the confusing treatment
    of information, the dangerous merging of news items, advertising
    and fiction.
    His film Dial H.I.S.T.O.R.Y., produced in 1997,
    traces the history of airplane hijackings. The film, made up
    of historical documentary footage and autobiographical sequences,
    to which Grimonprez adds personal critiques and excerpts from
    texts by Don De Lillo, mixes the facts and images, "hijacking"
    them in turn.
    This initial analysis of the collusion between
    history and its representation by television gave rise to a whole
    series of projects and thoughts linked to such phenomena as hijacking,
    terrorism, "hactivism" and entartage (the practice
    of tossing a cream pie in the face of some public figure to make
    a political point). These were collected in a magazine that Grimonprez
    called Inflight (2000), a piece that offers, for example, numerous
    cynical tips on how to steal a Boeing 777, resist kidnappers,
    or become famous in a life-or-death situation.
    Not surprisingly,
    Grimonprez's research has had greater resonance following the
    events of September 2001.
    It points out the culture of catastrophe
    that is invading our living rooms and castigates viewers who
    identify at one and the same time with the victims and the hijackers,
    heroes who, both lauded and loathed, represent a form of liberty
    and independence.
    it makes me sick 500mb and what an utter waste....

    For more information on the film -
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    Better brainwashing technics mabye ? Or more money and resources to plan the attacks . It does seem harsher and more global now , no more "take me to cuuba " and I'v proven my point .

    Thanks for taking the time to pm the mov. Zed it was interesting , just the different media style that was almost innocent . The little boy smiling at the flash cameras enjoying his 15 minuets of fame . Too much at stake now I guess ?

    Funny how your perception changes when you have children , it goes from whats with the soft spot in his head to what a fucked up world we have to leave to our children .
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