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Thread: Windows Xp Pro Error Reports

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    Hi ... Hope someone can help ! I constantly get error reports and upon checking the report it says

    hardware abstraction layer version 5.1.2600.0 xpclient 010817-1148 and to me the problem sems to be in explorer ? I have recently downloaded version 6 of eplorer and then managed to get the same error report as above but this time is said APP VER 6.02600.0 SHELL 32


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    It wouldn't hurt to reinstall(or repair) IE using the add/remove dialog box in your control panel.

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    Hi Guys, Many, many thanks for your prompt replies to my problem. Having looked into the problem regarding compatability I find to my disbelief that the new ADSL kit I installed some 6 months ago (from Telefonice here in Spain) is NOT compatable for Windows XP. Although the disc and istallation says it is for XP I got a report back from Microsoft saying that the ADSL kit installed has not passed the windows xp compatability test. Anyone out there and living in Spain with the same ADSL - please help ! Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks, Luckydog (Dave)

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    Perhaps checking the Mfg site. They may have updated driver/software for it. Worth a look.
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