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Thread: Connection?

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    How do I find out what my connection speed is?

    As in either 56k, T1+, T2+?

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    First of all how do you connect to the internet?

    Dail Up or Lan??

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    Dial Up

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    go here
    run the first test, the low speed one. after the test it'll give you an approximate speed. compare your speed to the other ones displayed there
    if it doesn't take too long for the first test, try the high speed test. post your test speeds here and people should be able to tell you what your line is approximately. as a guide, 56k dialup is generally between 28 and 56 kilobits/second. adsl/broadband is generally between 256 and 1500 kilobits/second. cable is generally 600-1500 kilobits/second.

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    It is 28.5 kilobots per second so I am a 56k speed!!!!!!!!!

    That is really slow isn't it?

    It says that it takes me 4.9 minutes to downlaod a 1MB file.

    Is this really crap?

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    the speed of your internet connection can vary hugely depending on a number of things. the distance your house is from the nearest telephone exchange, the length of the cable from your modem to the phone socket, your isp, time of day, where you live etc...
    28.5 kilobits/sec is pretty slow generally for a 56k line. i have 56k myself and normally i get about 35-40 kilobits/second. try repeating the test a few times and taking an average. do the test at different times of the day too, just to see if it varies.
    at the end of the day though, the download speeds on 56k lines are pretty awful. the only reason i have 56k still is that i can't get adsl or cable where i live. the best way to improve your connection speed is to upgrade to cable or adsl, it's as simple as that

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    get broadband then, i can download 1mb in about 6 seconds

    fuck Derby County

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    believe me, i'm gonna get it as soon as it's available in my area. the only problem is that where i live there isn't enough demand yet. only 266 people have registered and 350 need to register before it comes to my area

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    if thats for BT and adsl you only need that many to show an intrest they dont actualy have to agree to have it.. so if u can gte the extra people in your area to just sign up and show intrest BT will lookm into it.. ask every single person you know and get them to do the same, you might be suprised how many people will help out a mate of mine got his whole street (nearly) to sign up even tho 90% did not want it

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    there's been a few letters in my local paper about broadband. i think the problem lies in the fact that where i live is quite a rural area, a lot of the people couldn't care less about streaming this or ultra-fast that. the other problem i had is that on the bt site, there is a piece of small print at the end that says 75% of the registration trigger level have to put in firm orders before the conversion comes. if 75% don't register, the counter goes back to the start, and it's taken ages to get to where it is just now

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