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Thread: Ebay auction site issues

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    I have a friend that can not open any ebay auctions.
    He can access the internet and surf/view any site, except ebay.

    I had him clear his web browser's (IE) cache and cookies; reset his IE security settings to defaults, didnt help.
    Then he installed firefox and still the same issue.
    He also re-installed Java, still the same.

    Ebay's main page will load and a search list will show, but when he clicks on an auction (any) it will start to load then he gets a blank screen.

    He has no firewall except XP Pro's built-in.
    He uses AVG anti-virus.
    It's a laptop system.
    Spy-bot and highjack-this report that his system is clean.

    Any ideas??

    He is able to access yahoo auctions though.

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    Check the hosts file.
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