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    i have been trying to download mafia CD2 for 2 dayz its freakin goin soooooooooo sloeeee and there r sources but kazaa doesnt use em CD1,CD3 downloaded very fast (100kbs) but CD2 is tooooo sloe so can someone plz gimme some suggestions or somehtin plzz or can someone hook me up with a FTP or sumthin i ahev cable so it should download fast.

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    it doesnt d/l fast if tehre are too few users, or all of them are using a 56k. I wouldnt recommend d/ling games using KaZaa cuz after all ur wait they might be corrupted files anyway.

    Try using eMule or eDonkey cuz even though its slower, u get much less corrupted, if any. And for the most part u always get users so the speed is consistant


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