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Thread: Cant use links anymore???

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    For last few days now i cant seem to use links from various sites that i normally use?
    I get these messages up....

    (see .jpgs)

    Im currently using e-mule 0.46c via an xtreme mod 4.4

    anyone know why

    cheers in advance
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    You may want to post larger pictures...

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    It looks like windows doesn't know what to do with ed2k:// links..
    Maybe reinstalling emule will fix it.

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    Thanks ill give it a try

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    Sorted it now, needed re-install for some reason??

    thanks for help

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    ı had this problem e few days ago..ıf you are using edonkey and you install the emule at the same causes the problem..I reinstall the program but fisrt uninstall the second program if u are using...goodluck


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