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Thread: UFO mmorpg

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    Do you DOFUS ?

    these are DOFUS' features :

    - 11 class characters (with male and female gender) to choose from
    - A real time action in a persistent universe
    - PvP and PvM in turn by turn battles with hundreds of spells
    - Good/evil system
    - Creation and management of guilds
    - Territories conquests for control of resources
    - Familiars and invocations of monsters
    - 30 professions to collect and craft
    - Trade System (sales, purchases, exchanges)
    - Buildings owning (with chests), banks, guilds and profession offices, taverns…
    - Lots of quests

    some screenshots at

    give it a try !

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    Can people who tried the game give their opinion about it ? (with arguments, please)


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