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Thread: Won't Download

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    Ok, I'm downloading Smallville episodes but they won't finish downloading. One of them is 97% complete and the other is 7% complete. I don't really need the other 3% from the other one, but I'd like the other 93% from the other. Is there any way I can get it to continue downloading? It started to download but stopped at 7% and it's been going on for a couple of weeks without any progress.

    I use Ares btw.
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    the user which you were downloading the files from is probably offline, this happens to me all the time.
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    resume it with emule morphxt, or shareaza
    they both have methods of importing incomplete downloads if you can find the same file on those networks

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    Try searching again and d/load from a different source,or see if you get the hang of bittorrents,I'm a bit thick but still got it working you won't regret it,theres loads of explanations all over the web telling you how to go about it

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    Well, I decided to download Shareaza. I found the episode easily and am downloadin it right now. =) I previewed it though and there is no audio. Does the audio come after the episode is downloaded? I hope it does. XP
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    Sometimes it does, yes. Otherwise you may not have the correct audio codecs installed..

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    Well if that does happen I suppose I can just download the audio seperately. But four episodes are in progress with no audio so I'm hoping that i don't have to download the audio for each one. >.<

    Anyway thanks for all your help everyone. Shareaza is much better than Ares. =)
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