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Thread: explain this pls

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    I searched for.................. mash

    and got 0 results

    So I searched for m*a*s*h and I got tons of results only two of which were anything to do with m*a*s*h
    a lot of results were to do with H.I.M. or H.L.M

    So what does m*a*s*h actually search for?

    I searched for................... sliders
    I got 4 results none were sliders the tv series
    but one was "dark city dvd rip" and did not mention "sliders" anywhere in the title, artist, integrity, filename or any of the other stuff, so why did this result come up?

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    i think the the stars (*) act as spaces eg. (a*s*l)

    but just use bittorrent, klite is long gone and the OAP of filesharing app's now

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    try searching for 4077
    edonkey/emule has a lot of search results for "mash"
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    thanks guys


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