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Thread: meta tags

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    I am confused about meta tags. I use kazaa KLT K++ 2.5

    and someone told me I can view and edit the meta tag info using Kdat. But I can't.

    All I get (in K dat) is a list of the files which are in my shared folder which are in the process of download. the files which are complete do not show up in K-dat.

    If I move a file to a new directory on my hard drive does the meta tag information remain with the file? if so how do I view and change this information?

    Using K dat it seems it does not see any files in any directory except those in process of download in my shared folder.

    Unless I'm doing something wrong?

    Hope you can help me.

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    I thought K-Dat was only to organise your incomplete downloads...

    To edit the meta-tags,I think you go into your file library, right click on the file in question, and click "Edit Details"

    I'm not sure if it remembers them if you move the files around, but I could be wrong.... I never used to use those meta-tags anyway, I always maintained the ID3 tags on the MP3 files instead.


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