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Thread: Help with BNR2 please...

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    I have already tried the Grabit application and so far, I am not exactly thrilled by the aspect of having to eventually "pay" to continueously use the service to share files. I was under the impression that the whole point behind FST was that in promoting file-sharing as a 100% free social alternative... however that is another beast entirely.

    My problem is that I am attempting to utilize Binary News Reaper2 (suggested as best from a Google search I did on the subject) in order to utilize an .NZB file I already have (the .NZB of Nero 7 posted in another thread) in order to download. My news servers, login/password informations are all set correctly as well as my ports, however after reading every thread and FAQ posted here and some that are not regarding Newsgroups, NZB's and the like, I am no better off than I was yesterday before downloading Grabit and BNR2.

    With Grabit I merely imported the NZB file into it. After which Grabit made a number of connections (my news servers are set at a three connection at a time max) and created a folder for the file name. Each connection blinked what appeared to be a "failure in the newsgroup responding" error message. What I ended up with in the folder was a large number of blank .txt files that were 0kb in size. With BNR2, I am not certain of what the hell I was doing...

    However if anyone could please steer me in the right direction, I suppose, with either newsgroup application, I would appreciate it. I really would like to participate in posting/sharing .NZB files that possibly others and myself may have a need/use for. Like I said, I have already read threads from here and downloaded a number of FAQs from here and a few other sites and I really am no better off than I first started. I did attach a few screenshots of the BNR2 application, in hopes that someone may be able to deceifer what it is I am missing or doing wrong. Thanks.
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    I agree. It's a retention problem. I am curious, do you use Zone Alarm?
    Different versions of Zone Alarm (updates) have problems decoding yEnc
    headers, this will also leave a 0 byte text file in your dl directory.

    With Zone Alarm running, the yenc header info is changed:
    =ybegin li ne

    Turn off ZoneAlarm, and the line is downloaded correctly as:

    =ybegin line

    Peace bd

    Peace bd


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