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Thread: Cant get into my hotmail account

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    Cant get into my hotmail account

    I can get on to the page where I input my username and pw but then I say ok and then it just doesn’t want to do anything. I tried with FF and IE is it a MSN problem ?

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    Nov 2002
    Sounds like a firewall or other block problem. Had the same myself except Yahoo! & the culprit was my pf LnS.

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    nope i disabled my firewall and dont have any block programs and now seeing the load bar goto 50% then i get "cant find server"

    Anyone else gettin this? or know whats up?

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    Santa's Avatar dvhyt5er
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    i can get into mine
    maybe check your hosts file - could be blocked there? maybe

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    nope all clear there, i read that msn mess server was down but thats back up..

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    ok so i tried loggin in as someone else as i know my friends e-mail username and pw and it let me in but when i try and get into mine in FF "The document contains no data" and in IE "cant find server" i see that after it tries to load though i do see the loading bar going to about 50% any ideas as i need to get into my account!

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    Hmm...same problem here. Hope someone knows how to fix it >_<


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