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Thread: Xbox Live 360 Web Cam

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    I heard that they are coming out with a web cam for xbox 360 for xbox live is that true? and if it is does anyone have a realease date for it or you can just buy a regular web cam and just hook it up to the xbox360?

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    The Hardware has a few interesting functions which may already have been covered:

    The "ring" around the power button is divided into four parts. That we know. We also know that the ring is capable of lighting up in different colors. But here are two cool examples:
    To connect a wireless joypad to the system, one hits the round button next to the memory ports, this results in the ringlight to rotate around the powerbutton. Then you hit the Xbox 360 button on the wireless joypad, and the light around that button starts to rotate as well, until the console and the pad have "found" each other, and are connected. That has two clear advantages: you can have multiple consoles next to each other, and they will not interfere with each other's pads and you can connect a new pad at any time.
    We also know that the ring's four parts are assigned to each of the four players. If Player One receives a message on Xbox Live, his corner of the ring turns orange. The same thing happens on his controller. If the battery of Player Four is about to run out, the color on his part of the ring turns red, on the console and the pad.

    Most of the hardware available for the Xbox 360 has been mentioned as well. One thing that has not been given much attention: the Webcam. It will be available around Easter next year, and Microsoft wants to draw in the younger kids, as well as female gamers with this. You will also be able to manipulate 3D visuals with the camera, when playing MP3s on the Xbox 360, by moving around. There was one feature of the webcam, which was kept from us and no matter how much we asked, he did not tell us...

    A HD-DVD may get added into future systems, but they are adopting a "wait and see" strategy. They want to know which of the two formats will "win" (Blue ray or HD). The adult entertainment industry will decide which one will be adopted (seriously! whatever technology they use to sell their movies on, will be used in the Xbox 360). Another reason for not putting an HD-DVD in there is speed: the maximum HD-DVD speed right now is 2x, maybe 4x by next year, that would result in very long load times of the games, if all the content is stuffed on one disk.

    The initial Xbox 360 "full" system will feature the remote control in the package, but only until beginning of 2006. It will only be available seperately after that. The remote control has buttons for DVD playback, and media control. It also has the four colored buttons found on the normal joypads, so you would be able to play the small games, like "Space Invaders" or "Hetrix" (this will come preinstalled on the HDD).
    This took me 23 seconds to find on Google


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