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Thread: Battlefield 2 Lighting Laggy?

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    Can anyone please tell my what I need to make lighting work well with my computer in that game? I have everything maxed out on high, when I turn lighting off the whole game is super fast but then I put lighting just in medium it turns the game hella slow, and thats what makes a whole big differnce in graphics is that lighting. Anyone tell me what I need to upgrade or doing wrong to make this go faster?
    Systems Specs
    O/S: Windows Xp Service Pack 2
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4
    Speed: 2.6 ghz
    Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 6800 128MB DDR SDRAM
    Ram: 1Gig of ram
    Comp Model: Hp Pavilion a250n

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    I would guess its your processer. P4's are no good at new comp games. An AMD 3000+ would do you well, of u have the money for a new mobo/cpu.

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    Lighting is usually the most intensive part of new games, along with shadows. This is because the lighting is in real time and not pre rendered so the computer has to work out where each light partical should be for every nanosecond while you play. Which causes massive slow-downs. The same with shadows. Try turning shadows to medium and lighting to medium.


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