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Thread: getting new Home Theater.

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    worldpease's Avatar always annoying
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    Jul 2004
    Tj Mexico
    After selling ((and regreting it a lot),
    tomorrow I plan to get a new one. It's the Samsung HT-P38.

    I know there are better ones out there,
    but lets just say Im not rich. ... besides, the reviews are good,
    what do you think?

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    ApacNTS's Avatar Helljumper
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    Aug 2003
    pretty nice. i miss my old setup, my 200w amp with a center and 2 surrounds, it sounded so nice . that amp was so great. couldnt even run a sub with it, cause it was so loud without it.

    that's better than most brand name game sound systems.

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    Feb 2003
    BOSE is superb, it's very expensive that's coz it uses totally different technology from the rest of world... but I've used ot b4, it sounds really gr8, not ur normal 5.1

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    i think it is best to buy things each component separately rather than having an all-in-one package. like separately buying the speakers, a/v receiver, and dvd player.


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