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Thread: Internet for two PCs?

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    Guys, at home we have two PCs and only one 512kbps Internet connection,
    so sometimes I have to lend the connection to my father, and well, I get internet-less.

    The thing is that I know there is a simple way to share the connection between
    the two machines (obviuslly with loss of bandwidth and all that), but I don't
    know what that is, so, could you tell me what accesories do I need,
    or what do I have to do?
    may be I can get it tomorrow when I go to San Diego Ca.

    *I have Internet Via ¨Cable Company¨ using a Motorola CableModem.
    the coaxial goes in to the modem, and from the modem goes a LAN Cable output. It also has a USB but I have never used it.

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    A router would be the obvious solution for this problem but can cost about $50.
    You can also use a crossover cable, about $10, but then one machine would have to be on all the time and perferbly have two lan cards.

    The stuff you need for the router would be:
    Ethernet cable long enough to reach other computer unless using wireless
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    If your ISP provides multiple IP addresses then all you need is an ethernet switch. However, it is likely that they charge extra for multiple IP addresses. If so, that's not a good method,

    You can use Microsoft's Internet Connection Sharing, but in this case the system connected to the internet must be on in order to provide the service, and it will also need multiple Ethernet ports, it isn't optional. One port would be dedicated to the Internet connection, the other port(s) would be used to connect the "client" systems either directly via cross-over cables or indirectly via a switch. If you've only got a single ethernet port on that system you need to buy an add-in network card.

    Assuming you haven't already got a second port and that you also don't have a switch, it is probably almost as cheap (and maybe cheaper) to get a router and combine all your requirements in a single package.

    Don't forget to get a network cable for each additional system you want to connect simultaneously, and a short patch cable from the modem to the router. The same would apply if you have a switch either in the direct connection to your ISP option or the ICS option so it is a fixed cost.
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    get a router at and like a long ethernet for cheap(if you need it)

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    Try a hub if you DO have multiple IP addresses.
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    i agree with spirex router is the simplest way to go. there are also wireless routers but it mostly depends on ur budget n how far the computers are located with each other.


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