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Thread: Serious problem guys! I need help pls

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    Hello guys.

    I'm having a very serious problem with my pc. First it was with lime wire now is nero!

    I don't know what the hell is going on But something is really messing with my pc.

    Yesterday i opened my pc and i realized that limewire was unistalled from my pc... now i realized that Nero was also unistalled from my pc!!
    Could it be a virus?

    I runned NOD32 but it didn't found anything..

    I really need some help here guys... any suggestions???

    Now i just found out that the whole fable folder is gone!!! OMFG WTF is going on!
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    maybe you have disk errors, run scandisk:
    open "My Computer" > Right click "local disk (C:)" and select "Properties>Tools>error-checking>start now"
    with all other programs closed ;)

    don't enable "fix errors" this time. But if it finds any errors, try to save any bookmarks, media and personal files and settings to floppy/CD-R before running diskscan with fix errors enabled, just in case you need to reformat.

    or maybe you have a bad virus that NOD doesn't pick up try:
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    Do's sound like a virus,run the usual spyware stuff as welltry and get hold of trojan remover as well,good luck

    All spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in my post's are intentional.


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