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    i was wondering if there was a program that i could use that would have a list of items, and when you check a couple boxes, it tells you what you can make out of those combination of items. for exaple.: if theres a list of of food, and i checkmark egg, chease, and ham, it would tell me omlete.

    another example would be, having letters of the alphabet, and cheackmarking off the letter then, the program tells you what words you can make.
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    You mean that you could program these things into?
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    Search the internet. There's a site like that for alcohol so I'd imagine there'd be a few similar ones for food as well.

    Here's a health food version I found with a quick search. Also, here's a site with a search bar where you can enter your ingredients and get recipes containing them.

    If you're using Firefox, get the StumbleUpon extension and stumble 'food/cooking' sites for more ideas.

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    dude that was just an example, i need it f, i need a for a rpg, i need a program that i can program that i can program to show spicific things if i have the items to make it.
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