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Thread: Im On About Downloading Linux

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    for example ive heard people talk about redhat and also mandrake sounds quite good but my question is there are about 3 r 4 cd files i have to download which r about 650 mb each !!!

    do i have to download all of them to install linux are just the 1

    also im thinkin about installin it on virtual pc first just to see wot its like

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    plzz does anyone have an answer to my question

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    If you get Redhat, you only need 3 of the 5. Discs 4,5 contain extra programs that are optional to install, but can make life easier.

    If your a beginner and just want to see what linux is like, I'd go with RedHat.

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    ok thx

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    i want that pc box :'(

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    isnt it ace

    *dribbles* again

    * goes and asks mum*

    lol i wish

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    its wicked i want just the box and the lights

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    i want its insides also

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    i'm nearly finished downloading mandrake... its 3 cds iso files... only about a half hour left on the last cd!

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    At a number of download sites you can download the latest flavor of linux, one of them is Knoppix.
    What Knoppix is, is a version of Debian linux that runs COMPLETELY off of a CD ROM. All you have to do is burn the image to a CD, and boot the CD!

    The image includes a number of browsers, (Konqueror, Mozilla), Gaim (AOL instant messanger client), Open Office Word processor, and even includes AIRSNORT! When you are done using it, just logout, pop out the CD, and you are back to your normal operating system!

    All in all a great way to get your feet wet in linux without having to repartition your HD (Great for those with laptops from work&#33


    download sites and info available

    Good HowTo


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