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Thread: Need Webcam Video DJing Tips

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    Santa's Avatar dvhyt5er
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    A friend wants to try to do live video djing with the use of webcam stream.
    do you know of any software or other possibilities?

    in other words
    it is not ment for online use
    using the webcam live image and then do different effects over it and then project it.

    thanks in advance

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    If not the internet, then what's it going to be for?
    I believe Netmeeting on XP is probably the best for sharing a live webcam with others on a LAN. MSN Messenger also has some nice support for webcams at a nice FPS across the internet. Yahoo Messenger should be a last resourt, since it's fps is not so good. It does allow you to send a webcam with a firewall on, so it's kind of a trade-off.

    Hint: Closing a firewall won't disable it in most cases (backgroud services are ass's), so you should just turn the settings all the way down. In Zone Alarm, you can set the firewall's "Internet" and "Local" bars to "Low", which turns off the firewall. I do this all the time to host servers for many games.

    I think the "software based" webcam options are better than the "browser based" webcam options. Browser ones include of WebcamXP and such. They tend to glitch up more than the software-based methods.
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    You could always use yahoo messenger

    or Skype and beam the picture from MSN


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