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Thread: Wait Times

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    I just joined a few register sites that have outrageous wait times .... i mean seriously how are new members supposed to seed something thats been out for 2 days and that everyone has already got ? By the time you are able to seed the torrent theres like 200+ seeders and 8 leechers . IMO the wait times hurt the site more than help it cause the people that are going to leech and not seed anything back are going to do it regardless of wait times.... BTW my ratio on all sites im registered to is over 2.0 so im not a leecher just bitching.

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    what site. Usually the wait times are 24hrs or less. Whats the wait time there. Also check the FAQ's becuase they may require you to have a highter sharing level even if it is crazy.

    In the end there is not much you could do about it.

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    Torrentleech has a 48 hour wait for recent uploads. Not sure if this changes once you upload 25g or whatever random amount because I'm too lazy to go check.

    edit: why I typed 2 instead of 48 baffles me
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    I hate wait times aswell they only punish new users by making it difficult to get a ratio because by the time you get a popular file most people have it already making it difficult to seed back and you have to end up donating too get some gigs up and have the wait time not effect you then you can download the new torrrents that have the leechers and get a good ratio. Ps. alot of these sites have up to a 24hr wait time for a torrent some 36hrs its rediculous i think its a scam to get money.
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