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Thread: Ms Office/xp Question

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    I have seen at other sites hashes for a popular program office program made by big brother.

    Being that I run XP which does a good job of updating security and any number of other files "semi"-automatically via the internet.

    If I installed this downloaded office program what is to stop big brother from knowing that I have a traded file operating on my computer?

    Using a crack key gen for a game or something is one thing... because you know there is little that they can do about it. I would not make that same assumption with a product from these guys.

    Is there something I should know before I install and try to use these programs?

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    The programs are independent of each other, no information is transmitted between you and microsoft. Sometimes this can be a problem with operating systems, but that's about it. In fact, its a violation of your privacy for microsoft to obtain information like that. B)
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