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Thread: Manderlay Torrent

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    I've searched high and low on the internet, but I can't even find a trace of any sort of torrent for this movie. It's been released overseas now for a few months, and it was just screened in Toronto. I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck, or if anyone knows of any foreign torrent sites that I may have a bit more luck with. (I checked all the Dutch ones that were listed on this site: I've gone through the torrent search engines as well. Maybe this has a different title overseas?? Or it's just not all that popular...

    Note: This movie is Danish by origin.
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    add and to your bookmarks. if a movie's been released onto the net, at least one of those two sites will usually list it. and according to both of 'em, no Manderlay yet.

    however, another recent Lars Von Trier (director of Dancer In The Dark, Dogville and Manderlay) movie called "Dear Wendy" is out & on the net. not directed by Von Trier, but written by him. it's good, i recommend it.

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    thanks so much for replying... i'll definitely check out "dear wendy," as i'm a huge fan of lars von trier thanks again

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    Manderlay has appeared in three guises on I am looking for a link to a live torrent today. no joy as yet

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    requesting torrents isn't allowed

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