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Thread: great song - who are they?

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    I downloaded this song but I do not know who they are. I would love to hear more songs of this group - the only thing I know is the users I got this from had it under Irish new artists...
    thank you in advance for any help

    sorry, new to posting anything so I hope I give you the right downloading path:

    http://<br /> <br /> File:<A HREF=...<br /> <br />
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    ain't listened to it, but google spat this out in response to "irish + band + wonderful wizard":

    see if that matches the lyrics of your song. if so, then Guggenheim Grotto.

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    yes...thank you. The song I have is not on their free mp3 section but they sound really good.
    I have been trying to edit the link I entered for anyone to listen to the song I have but little luck so far...

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    posting of HTML code is forbidden on a lot of forums due to the potential damage that spammers, trolls, lamers, etc can cause through HTML. forums need alternative methods of entering links and such, so they can strictly limit people's abilities to abuse the forum. thus that A HREF tag is a no-no. on this forum we use a URL tag in brackets.

    and here's your edonkey link, displayed correctly.

    File: Wonderful Wizard.wma
    Length:3519878 Bytes, 3437KB

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    thank you very much for fixing up the link, I appreciate it

    I was trying to follow the guide on a different message on this forum...
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    oh that info is outdated. the forum has been completely overhauled since then.


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