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Thread: Newb Needs Help With GTA: SA Hoodlum

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    Ok, I am very new on the torrent scene, and I need a little help getting my copy of GTA: SA hoodlum working. I have already extracted the whole deal using WinRar, but when I try to mount it to a virtual drive, it never seems to be able to find it. What exactly am I doing wrong?

    If at all possible, could you please walk me throught the steps of setting it up?

    ~All Help is Greatly Appreciated


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    More info would be nice. What are you using to mount etc...

    btw...welcome to the board
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    Thanks for welcoming me to the boards!

    As for more info...
    I'm using DAEMON Tools to mount the .iso. Each time I mount it and try to run the game, it just says "Insert the correct CD/DvD" or something to that extent anyways. Kind of ticking me off since I spent a day downloading it. >_<

    Oh, and by the way... What do you recommend for downloading torrents, site wise. I have used, but it hasn't worked too well for me...

    ~Thanks again



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