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Thread: The Ultimate Portable Utilities for a USB Key

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    Santa's Avatar dvhyt5er
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    Aug 2005
    Source -

    the Zip contains 62mb of software designed for usb sticks

    * Firefox Update 1.0.7
    * MozBackup
    * Intel's Matrix Storage Technology
    * Asus P5GD1 Pro
    * Winc
    * RoboTech Show Podcast
    * Boot from USB Guide
    * HP USB disk storage tool
    * A43 (File Management)
    * AbiWord (Word Processor)
    * FileZilla (FTP)
    * Fox It (PDF Reader)
    * freeCommander (File Management)
    * Great News (RSS Reader)
    * Ice Mirror (Backup)
    * Notepad2 (Notepad)
    * Portable Firefox (Browser)
    * PuTTY (Telnet)
    * Restoration (Undelete)
    * SilentNight Micro (CD/DVD/ISO/Audio Burner)
    * True Crypt (Encrypt your USB key)
    * VLC (Media Player)
    * XMPlay (Media Player)
    * XnView (Picture Viewer)
    * Zoom Player (Media Player)
    * TUGZip Archive Utility

    Download -

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    Santa's Avatar dvhyt5er
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    Aug 2005
    2,128 has a list of a bunch of more programs for thumbdrives.

    How to make GIMP portable

    How to make Photoshop portable

    but i suggest you use instead of portable photoshop (that is if the pc your on has .net...)
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    kazaa2002's Avatar lost
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    you are amazing, thankyou for the links

    it is like you were reading my mind....

    I was just window shopping for what usb keys
    have to offer (size wise) and now....

    I am going to review the products with all your
    programs you have shown me....aahhhgggga I never get
    any sleep...
    thanks to you , I will smile for a week.

    it is the small things that usually drive us mad

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