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Thread: HRHD TV torrents

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    Hi. I've been checking torrent release info sites and see that many shows get released in HRHD form. However, I've been looking for them on the usual suspects, and haven't found any. Does anyone have any idea where one might be able to find these HRHD torrents for tv shows? I'm looking for the Desperate Housewives S2 premiere in particular.

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    not many releases are HRHD.

    dont you mean HDTV?

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    Yes, I do mean HRHD. HDTV releases are easy to find, but not so with HRHDs even though it seems that most shows get such a release.

    I know the following torrent was definitely created: Desperate.Housewives.S02E01.HR.HDTV.AC3.5.1.XviD-CTU.

    I've tried the usual big torrent sites and even tried Googling for a link, but no go.

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    There have been a lot of HR HDTV releases this tv season. I'd be interested in finding a torrent site that carries them as well.

    For now, I've just been getting them from usenet.

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    im lookign for everybody hates chris in HRHD but all i found is the first ep. The second one is in HDTV

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    Hey guys,
    I'd recommend one of these two sites for HR HRTV torrents:

    Hope that helps...

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    Theres lots of HR releases. Guess nobody likes posting them though. I have over 200 HR releases on my pc.


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    could any one explain what's HR !

    ist encoding codec like xvid or hd

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    HR= High Resolution

    I'm assuming..

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    Stole this from:

    What does HR HDTV mean?

    HR HDTV (High Resolution High Definition Television) refers to a standard of encoding video, meaning that the video signal was ripped directly from an HDTV broadcast, then down-sampled to approximately 960x540 (hense "540 Torrents").

    An HR encoding for a 40-55 minute TV show should be approximately 700MBs. While standard TV show encodings only have a resolution 624x352 and an MP3 audio stream of roughly 128kb/s, HR encodings offer supperior video as well as the show's original AC3 sound, which is often 5.1 channels.

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