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Thread: Is There An Alternative For

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    Is thr an alternative for I'm looking for CBT NUGGETS VIDEOS, LYNDA.COM etc etc

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    you can try

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    also its worth having a look on emule as these ebook files etc are usually small so it's quite quick to dl them if theyre available on emule

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    Thank You for suggesting ... I registered there.

    But Comparing to Its nothing. Coz I was once a member of bitme. What happnd was that I forgot to park my account when i went for a tour. When I came back the account was gone. And I became the saddest guy ... .. I searched for hours inorder to find a site like bitme. No use ...

    But I know there will be a site like that in this vast world of internet ... And I'm hopping one of you in this forum will read my topic and post that site


    Anil ..
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    You can find movies at Demonoid and Isohunt

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickjames29 is the best

    I agree, I do a little over at Learnbits and it's definately a quality site. But IMHO there's enough room in the bittorrent community for two quality learning sites.

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    mostly every torret site has tv eps


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