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Thread: playstation games?

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    can someone please pm me the best place to d/l original playstation games
    there are so many that say psx/ps1 but i can't tell which are for my playstaion.


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    Direct links arent allowed i think........

    just search p2p networks or use google.

    As for psx/ps1 catagories.. Thats how they all are catagorized.. PS1/PS2/PSX is the labels they use.
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    Theres lots on Usenet if you have access...

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    i guess one thing i'm not clear on is which games are for the original playstation the psx games, ps1 games,or psp games ?

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    I know most public trackers like torrentspy and mininova have ps1 games to download. I dont know about private ones buy places like torrentbytes dont have many

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    I hope you have your PS chipped or this will be a waste of time...

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    got the chip installed

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    emule has always been a good place to download them for me. with regards to chipping, if you have a ps2 then there's a non-intrusive hack that allows you to play backup games without a chip. it involves buying a network adapter and installing a hard drive into the back of your ps2, then using a memory card savegame reader/writer such as the x-port to write a malformed savegame onto your memory card with the ps2 independence day exploit code on it, this can then be triggered with a genuine ps1 disc which allows you to start hdloader to read/write/execute games on the internal hard disc. see for more info or search on google.

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    i get all my games (xbox,psx,ps2,nes,snes,commodore64,gba,pc, etc) from thepiratebay and potuk. great sources for allmost everything!!
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