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Thread: Windows Server 2003

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    Windows Server 2003 What is it and is it beter then XP?

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    It's a server. If your a home user, stick with XP.

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    I am a home user but i Server my mums internet and i run game servers and ftp server so do i need it?

    And if i download a copy will thay no i have a copy

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    If you want to use ASP.NET, XML Web Services or do professional windows based web sites, then yes you need it.

    You don't need it to host a game of CS nor do you need it to share an internet connection.

    But, if you do want it (and anyone else) look out for a hash that I'll be posting in the next couple of days. (only have beta ATM, I will have the RTM (final) soon ).

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    I can download it Now Full and not a beta ver

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    Originally posted by Night Ass@15 April 2003 - 20:37
    I can download it Now Full and not a beta ver
    I'm not stopping you...

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    I know your not But my Fucking Download Limunt is like i need to know if it is werth it be for i download it

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    like my Smilies ? You can get them from my site cos my site is hosting them

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    I'm having nothing but great results from 2003. After a bit of fiddling around and changing the graphics acceleration to full in properties I can honestly say it's fantastic. Not had any problems with anything. Direct X 9 is fine, newest Nvidia drivers have no problems either, Internet sharing is a lot easier (almost plug and play ), games run fantastic (Although the good old 60fps bug is still there ) SO yeah. No problems. It's not exactly essential but if you feel like a change then go for it

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    hey night sign on ill send it to you i got it. full iso, not a test build.

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