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Thread: Editing DVD files

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    I have some home movies that I did with a Handycam DVD camcorder
    I have put the dvd's on to my hard drive. I have tried the software that came with the camcorder but it is crap.
    is there away to edit the movies in a frame by frame method. say if I wanted to cut a few frames out of the middle of a seen or cut and paste a few frames from one spot to another, and maybe some affects.
    I would like to keep the quality the same

    Thanks for the help.

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    The only video editing program that actually allows me to control the editing frame by frame is Adobe Premiere 1.5 Pro. What format are the DVDs currently in? .VOB, Mpeg 2, AVI? You open their stats with Mediainfo to get a good look at things:

    You will probably have to download a full copy of premiere off Emule, since their trial sucks.
    It's worth it though.

    Cyberlink Director may be simple and user friendly, but it's only for major newbies. Plus, it "Does Not" allow frame-by-frame editing, since it's so half-ass. It claims to allow it, but I've had some major issues trying to edit videos with it. Trust me, Adobe Premiere woops Cyberlink's ass.
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