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Thread: Smallville Torrent Insanity

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    What the heck is going on here?

    This screenshot was taken from this torrent at It has a suspicious-looking tracker and a ridiculous number of seeders and leechers. It even has a bunch of comments about how it's a fake AVI file that won't play, it gets a bunch of hash errors while downloading, and it takes 10hrs to download.
    Sounds totally fake, huh?

    Then why was I able to download this torrent in only 3hrs, and watch it in perfect quality? This completely bewilders me.
    Ideas, anyone?

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    lol. when u get that many seeders and leechers, u get idiots who try to say bad shit bout it.

    have u guys ever noticed that no matter how popular or unpopular smallville is, when every episode comes out, there's always more downloaders for smallville than any other show? weird huh?

    i got mine off filelist this morning in 15 min


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