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Thread: Forceware drivers, application controlled or None?

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    I dont really use AA or AF in games, and with the AA and AF settings in Nvidia Forceware drivers, am I right in saying that setting them to application controlled will allow me to change the In-Game AA/AF settings for a specific game? If I set them to off, does that mean that even if I change the in-game AA/AF settings, there wont be any AA/AF enabled?

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    I believe you should just set them to "Application Controlled", so you could always choose to set the AA/AF in games. Normally, it's best when the game has those settings within, because that gives a good sign of support. (Some games produce graphical glitches and artifacts when you force AA/AF using the Foreware drivers, when the game doesn't have those settings within it's options. (most newer games seem to be supporting these as of today though)


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