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Thread: need FSC invite / trade good

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    i need an FSC invite
    i have invites to several sites like torrentit,supertorrents, torrentleech, demonoid
    and a few others so since u need good ratio to get the invites that means i share good

    ill give an invite in return for the FSC invite

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    hi again mastros i have a good ratio on torrentleech filelist in that 2 site i got 1.2 ratio you can see it my username is miguel in there ...i have a good ratio too in bitsoup i use as username bebek....i only need a torrentit invitation this my email .and about fsc i am not sure what site are you talking about but i am in one called fsc but they are open for signup at the moment and no invitation is allowed i can mail you the site adress. i only need torrentit invitation if you can help me thanks
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