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Thread: White Wolf Series

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    There are a series of books relating to the Vampire:The Masquerade games. These books go into alot of depth about the histories of the Vampires and also alot of detail on some of the main characters. Ive produced a list of books, from this series, that looking interesting and id like to read, however i was told that White Wolf stopped the production of these books and now the books are apparently hard to get hold of.

    So i was wondering if anybody knows where i can get any e-books from the White Wolf series, especially any of these books:

    Blood Bond
    Book of the Damned
    Chicago Chronicles 2+3
    Guide to the Camarilla
    The Masquerade
    Vampire: The Masquerade

    If anybody knows of any places, thanks. I have already tried, but they only appear to have a 2gig file consiting of 100+ seperate files....i dont want that many e-books, if they are e-books that is, im only really interested in the list above, and then if these are good i may look for more.

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    Blood Bond- Prefabricated story. Kind of like the prefab adventures you can get for D&D.
    Book of the Damned- first edition MET (LARP) rulebook. Doesn't give any information the tabletop books don't, except maybe a few funny photographs.
    Chicago Chronicles- Settingsbook. This would go into detail about what Chicago's like in WoD.
    Diablerie- Another prefab story.
    Guide to the Camarilla- This comes in tabletop and LARP flavours.
    The Masquerade- Good Lord this one's funny. But it's a LARP book too.
    Vampire: the Masquerade- Well, this one's the game name. I'm assuming you're wanting the corebook. would be a link then, although it uses eMule/K++.

    Are you looking specifically for Masquerade, or for Requiem also?

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