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Thread: How to make a torrent site and tracker...

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    The title pretty much explains its if any one has any suggestions or site that would be very helpfull


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    thanks i will check that out

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    Anything else...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickjames29
    Anything else...

    There is plenty else, but until you actually start setting it up you won't know what it is. Typically every tracker, site, code is going to be buggy so you will need a healthy understanding of coding. Not to mention depending on the size of the site you intend to create you will need to make sure that you have the proper server for use, server selection can make or break a new torrent site. (Not to mention location.)
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    Any body like to help me set it up i think i got everything....

    MSN Messenger

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    Question Mark

    i want to make a torrent site and server ... what do i need ?

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    Way to bring up a 16 month old thread, and on you first post, great start.

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    good start would be here :

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    sory ?? had no idea


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