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Thread: Half the Size, Twice the Man

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    Half the Size, Twice the Man

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    Bobby Martin plays special teams and backup noseguard for Colonel White High of Dayton.
    Thomas E. Witte/SI

    You think you've seen refs as blind as newborn moles? You think you've seen officials make bizarre calls? You've seen zebras who are as boneheaded as a box of hammers?

    Well, you ain't seen blind, bizarre and boneheaded until you've seen this.

    It's halftime of a game in Dayton on Sept. 16 -- Colonel White High against Mount Healthy. After Colonel White leaves the locker room, the refs approach the coaches on the sideline. Crew chief Dennis Daly announces, "Number 99 cannot play in this game anymore. He's not wearing shoes, knee pads or thigh pads."

    Peace bd

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    I wonder if the other team complained ? I'd sure want someone like that on my team , very brave .


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