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Thread: Pop-up Ad That Comes Up When Openining Video Files

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    Some of the video files(AVI, MPG, or WMA) that I downloaded via KaZaALite
    will open up pop-up ad windows when the video is played. These usually go
    to porn sites.

    My regular pop-up blocker and firewall won't catch these.

    What do I do to prevent Windows Media Player from allowing these
    videos to do pop-up ads?


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    I have had that problem too before when I used KaZaA when I downloaded porn movies but now when I used kazaalite I have never got that problem,strange.

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    I used to get them, but when I got a firewall they stopped. I use Norton Internet Security

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    Those files are all renamed .wmv files.

    WMV files have the ability to open a website.

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    Paul is right. All those AVI, MPG, WMA or whatever with pop-up ads, are in fact WMV or ASF files that were renamed with other extensions.

    The simplest solution to avoid these annoying pop-up ads is to open those files with another player other than Windows Media Player. BSPlayer works for me!

    For more information about this, check this out.


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