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Thread: WinMX Becomes Number 2 Query on

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    [news=]There's an old saying that if you don't know an answer to a question, "ask Google." This term applies well to various circumstances, especially in the online world. Many IRC users can attest that one of their first responses to "lame" question is to simply respond by saying "did you ask Google?" has quickly become a vital information resource to millions of netizens. Search strings for all sorts of genres of information are queried on this search engine, typically responding with just the information one needs. The resourcefulness of this search engine would soon become apparent for millions in the P2p community.

    Indeed on September 21, 2005, became perhaps one of the most desperate days for millions of WinMX fans, as their P2P network of choice suddenly and inexplicably disappeared. It is believed that FrontCode Technologies, the creators of WinMX, was the recipient of a RIAA cease and desist letter. With the domain offline, so too was the vital host cache server which acts as a gateway to the network.

    Until this point, WinMX was thought to be little more than a middling P2P network with no real place among the big hitters such as Gnutella, eDonkey2000 or BitTorrent. Skeptics would soon be proved wrong, as the gravity of the situation became apparent. Various P2P forums became flooded with WinMX refugees, alternative networks saw their numbers swell, headlines from both mainstream and non-mainstream news sources covered the story in earnest, and efforts immediately began to resurrect this ancient community.

    Perhaps the greatest testimony to WinMX's continued popularity is its presence on Ending the week of September 26,2005, WinMX is the number 2 search term on this prominent search engine. A majority of the search terms on Google were weather related, considering the unusual amount of hurricane activity in the Atlantic basin this year. Yet this did no deter die-hard WinMX fans from finding the latest on this crippled network.

    WinMX's importance outstripped such search string as "kate moss", "national hurricane center", "noaa", "weather channel", and "weather." What was Google's number one search term? "Hurricane Rita."

    Despite the lack of updates to WinMX, it remains clear this network continued to enjoy tremendous popularity. Where these individuals go from here is another matter, as it is unknown if rejuvenation efforts for this network will go mainstream.


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    thats suprising. I really like that p2p. i hope those burn in hell

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    The WinMX community is back, the files are back, and the users are taking a stand. Get connected Today.

    It is time for the RIAA to understand that they cannot destroy filesharing by intimidation any longer. They may be able to bully Corporations, but the users are not going to sit by and let it happen.

    MXPIE is an effort by the users and for the users, with an agenda of making WinMX a p2p network not only for the users, but maintained, organized and perpetuated by the people.

    Come Join us, we believe that we can make a difference in this fight to take away our rights. We welcome all of those who are tired of going from one p2p network to another simply because the RIAA flexed its billions of dollars worth of muscles.

    MXPIE is quick, easy and free to use, it contains no spyware, adware or any other form of malware. We even provide a manual modification that allows you to see exactly what is being done that only takes minutes to do yourself.

    Another site worth note is Computer Problem Help Forum, this site has also been at the forefront of this movement, and can help you with any general computer problem that may or may not be related to WinMX.

    Check out the MXPIE Website for everything you need.

    I hope to see you on WinMX soon! Realtime help is available for WinMX 3.53 users. Go to WinMX Channels.


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