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Thread: Is the network coming close to the end

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    Since they are complying with the letter sent by is the network gonna be shut down or will it still keep going becuase other sources will support it.

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    Around 95% of the people on the edonkey network use emule.

    Emule will not be crippled to prevent the downloading of copyrighted material without paying. Emule users will not notice anything.

    Edonkey users will either continue to use old unrestricted versions or will switch to emule.

    Anyone who wants to pay for music has already started using itunes or allofmp3. Metamachine tried charging people to watch drm-protected movies downloaded from edonkey. Since the transmission films website has been down for a year and they don't mention it on any more it appears to have been a complete failure.

    Metamachine are slow at develoing software. Half the reason they lost their users to emule was because they didn't respond to the users asking for bugs to be fixed and features added. This one will run for a while but in two years edonkey will be a distant memory.
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