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Thread: Flight Simulater 2002

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    Ive download the first 2 disks of flight sim 2002.

    But do i need the 3rd disk and if so what is the file size of it

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    Its probably almost certain that you need the 3rd disc, the developers wouldnt just throw in a 3rd disk for the hell of it and say " free complimentry CD-R on the house". IM not sure what size it is, Im not a fan of those ughhhh hate to say it flight sims, but yep, youll need the 3rd disc. Look in the verifides or If you can stand the heat search for it on kazaa.

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    You need it. I downloaded this one: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 CD3 WTC TESTED and it is 641,948KB in size.
    I haven't tested it yet, because some of the files of my first disk are corrupt. But I downloaded a small .txt file and it says this:

    ppl - if you're looking for MS Flight Sim 2002,
    on the Kazaa (/Morpeus) network, you will come
    across files which are called 'Microsoft Flight
    Simulator 2002 Pro (2of3).exe' or 'Flight DSimulator
    2002.exe' or similar. For some reason
    beyond me, these are NOT msfs, these are other

    256,944 Kb - Max Payne
    166,597 Kb - Half Life
    148,738 Kb - Delta Force 3
    212,864 Kb - FreeSpace 2

    the real flight sim 2002 discs are:

    cd1 iso: 602,846Kb
    cd2 iso: 230,152Kb
    cd3    : 641,948Kb

    So if you're looking for msfs 2002, don't waste
    your time downloading these. And if you have
    one of these - do us all a favor and rename it
    to whatever it realy is!!!


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