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    i have downloaded freelancer and installed it on my pc. then i used the no cd crack, but when i go to run it all i get is just a blank screen. without the crack the loading screen comes up before saying wrong cd. Has anyone else had a simular problem? or know what I'm doing wrong?

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    Hmmmm thats strange, didnt happen on my version. However with the screen being blank and no error message popping up it highly seems to suggest your graphics card is either incompatible or you do not have the latest drivers. What are your system specs?

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    sorted it. windows media player was corrupted? i reloaded it and the game plays fine now sound as well(not got up to level 3 yet though)

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    i have the same problem you did. i'm getting kinda frustrated, it took over a week to get it downloaded, 4 tries to get a good burn to cd, and now the blank screen thing. are you sure it was windows media player? i've uninstalled and reinstalled windows media player, updated my video drivers, and updated directx. i'm at a loss now. any help would be appreciated.

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    whenever i d/l a game in bin/iso or ne other format i never burn it straight to cd i use a prog called CDmage which will scan the file find ne errors fix them then extract it right on to ur h/d then i burn to disc if i want 2 doing it this way i have never had ne problems wiv games even freelancer hope this helps

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    i downloaded CDmage and found a number of errors in the freelancer file. i had it fix them and burned it to cd again and reinstalled. still get the blank screen when i try to run the game.


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