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Thread: Firefox promo site taken down by hackers

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    [news=]Spread Firefox, the marketing Web site for the open-source Firefox Web browser, has been hacked again and is expected to be offline until later this month.

    The cyber break-in was discovered this week, according to a notice sent Tuesday by the Spread Firefox team to registered users of the Web site. The breach was limited to and did not affect the main Web site or Mozilla software, according to the e-mailed message.

    The server that hosts the Spread Firefox Web site was compromised by attackers who attempted to exploit a security vulnerability in TWiki, according to the notice. TWiki is open-source software for the collaborative authoring of online pages called "wikis".

    This is the second time the site has been hacked via a flaw in software used to run the Web site. In July, the marketing site was compromised by attackers who exploited an unpatched security hole in PHP. The Drupal content management system used by the site is written in the PHP scripting language.


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    Blame It On Microsoft!!!! :p
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