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Thread: Ares related questions

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    1. Is Ares (non-lite) compatible with win98?

    2. Now that Ares is open source, is it any different than when it was non-open source?

    3. I am familiar with Ares being great for finding music. What about other files? Last time I check, there doesn't seem to be as many files in other categories. Mostly .pdfs (then again, Emule is the only p2p I've seen with lots of those)

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    Yes Ares can be used with Win 98, Ares Lite was created for 98 ME users who didn't have alot of RAM.
    Open Source means more than 1 users can make & contribute to the development of Ares.
    Ares after 2 years is still new to P2P, but as more Networks shutdown, more will turn to Ares thus sharing more types of files.

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    Yes I am familiar with open source. Has anyone added something from Ares yet?

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    They Added Tab Searches 2 Builds ago.......

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    You mean like Limewire Tab search right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eclectic_Loner
    You mean like Limewire Tab search right?


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